Born in 1992, Ayana La Salle has lived on both coasts multiple times. Long distant moves and traveling greatly shapes a person’s character. An abundance of beauty and accompanied turbulence serve to inspire Ayana’s life and labors of love. Her renaissance archetype led to an Honors with Distinction Bachelors of Science degree in Sustainable Food and Farming from the University of Massachusetts. Such an achievement followed a previous earned Honors Associates Degree for Art, Architecture and Design at Norwalk Community College, Connecticut.

Ayana embodies her sense of pragmatism by setting goals to diversify skillsets to include that which future projects demand whilst leveraging synergies of all talents and opportunities. From large visionary productions to minute details, nothing short mastery will fulfill Ayana’s drive to perform at the highest caliber. Above all and at her core, there lives a great love of art and design.

Other loves include botany, flowers, reading and video games.